Being overseas

I’m keeping an eye on you guys, the other day 63 of you viewed a page on this blog, or rather one of you viewed 63 pages. That’s a lot more than the one or two page views per day I usually get.

I’ve gone on my first ever overseas trip – New Zealand. It’s an appropriate first step, and I consider it the very first journey of many. It’s not too far away, and people speak the same language here, and practically even the same accent, with some amusing exceptions.

I gotta go and eat and look at museums and sights.

Addictive personality

I’ve noticed two separate meanings for the term addictive personality.

  1. A person with such a great personality you could become addicted to spending time with them
  2. A person who is susceptible to developing addictions

The second one doesn’t seem right.  The words (adjective-noun) indicate to me that the personality is addictive, not that the personality is attracted to other things that are addictive.

My guess is that the first meaning is the original and the second is a misunderstanding of the first one which seems to have become common, sort of like how people say ‘chomping at the bit’ or ‘could care less’ (‘champing’ and ‘couldn’t’).


Criticism of the Church of Scientology often includes details of the Xenu story. The Church has tried to keep Xenu confidential and critics say that revealing the story is in the public interest, given the high prices charged for OT III, part of Scientology’s secret “Advanced Technology” doctrines taught only to members who have already contributed large amounts of money to the organization. [6 Jun 2007]


In story, a fairly simple capture-escape-chase movie which is enjoyable to watch for its interesting cinematography alone; much of it was shot on video, not film, to interesting effect. Fairly basic in plot – lots of running through the forest being chased – though it seemed to end at the right moment. Interesting take on Mayan civilisation from within. See it in the cinema for its interesting photography. Be prepared for subtitles.